Your work can mean the world

I love mixing travel and work, it’s become almost addictive for the way it opens doors to new experiences. I recently took a wine tour in France, like millions do, then wrote about the wine, people, tastings and terroir and sold my story to a small magazine – so I got paid to tipple plus some tax deductions. Nice! Champagne tour, anyone?

I just read about a clever sculptor, Thea Alvin, who builds towering stone cairns, arches and mind-blowing helixes from tonnes of hand chiselled rock – see She learned masonry from her father and is now a stone artist. From this niche interest Thea has also created her dream job, travelling regularly to Italy to restore a crumbling 15th century village by painstakingly repairing the ancient stone roofs. It will take years of work but she literally does it for love. Proof of the saying “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”.