What winners do

That saying “winners do things losers don’t want to do” rings true. How many times have you witnessed someone complain, but do nothing. Complaining is easier and more self- entertaining than changing.

I just spent days with someone focused on their hard luck life story – bad career path, wrong partners, stupid bosses, money problems and crappy karma – all unfairly done to them. He was also miserable that his hard working friends are successful, earning more and optimistic. I should’ve exited sooner, but I was transfixed by this grownup denying responsibility for his choices, blind to the pattern. At least I did exit after he turned on me too for being “condescending” when I offered help.

My lesson is that you cannot save people from themselves; they have to own their choices. Empathy is important, but rehashing failures without gleaning the learning isn’t useful. Someone who chooses to be positive and ready to see options for change is in control of the outcomes. How am I qualified to know? I work in issues management and this is the crux of it – proactively find options; choose the best one.

We all suffer or make mistakes sometimes. It’s what you do next that matters.