What’s your signature style – 007 to Mary Poppins

Ever thought about your signature style? I was once asked at a job interview which movie character I am (before HR outlawed all the fun questions). I wish I’d said Lara Croft; I said Holly Golightly and still got the job, strangely!

This later inspired me for marketing property developments, i.e. we gave personalities to buildings to match likely buyers and their values, then created incentives to appeal to them. So a million dollar seaside apartment complex with cutting edge technology features was James Bond; family friendly townhouses were Mary Poppins. Every launch, marketing message and buyer bonus reflected the theme and people loved it, it worked. We held Sean Connery-esque exclusive events for wealthy retirees to demonstrate sophisticated gadgets; young mothers loved the costumed nannies at our family fun days and DINKs (remember that?) liked the “Mad About You” TV show references in our ads (remember them??)

It taught me that everyone wants to feel understood and marketing to the aspirational can be inspiring too.