How well do you know your database?

Great marketing is about building and maintaining relationships, meeting your audience’s needs and adding value, so it’s important that you know who you are talking to if you want them to respond.

I get sent a lot of emails from different companies and it’s obvious when they don’t know their database. It’s annoying getting information or specials that are not relevant for my gender, age group, location and the list goes on. You can avoid being this annoying – you simply need to segment your database appropriately, then tailor your messages for the specific interests of your customer groups. Most database software has this ability built in – I’m surprised how few people bother to do it. It matters.

Reviewing the stats of your email marketing will show you what works and what doesn’t – who reads, opens and trashes it and (even better) who responds. If you are seeing a lot of unsubscribes, not getting positive feedback or seeing response then it’s really time to change your approach. Sometimes a simple design change will do it. Testing and tweaking is the name of the game.