Having vision

On a recent trip to the USA, without really planning it, I visited both of the sites where Martin Luther King and JFK were assassinated. Sobering stuff, but being in these historical places made me think about the lasting effect one person can have in the world because of their vision.

Martin Luther King’s vision was to live in a society that treated people the same and fairly, enabling individuals to fulfil their dreams. John F Kennedy strove for initiative.

The efforts of MLK and JFK and their many followers have changed the world, in small ways initially, but their resolve created momentum – I had no real idea how each visionary leader had affected my life, continents away and generations later, until I visited each of their commemorative exhibitions.

What’s your vision, for your life, future, family? Is it clear, written down? Your vision is your focus on what you want in life and how you stay motivated to achieve it. Research says goals on paper are more than 70% more likely to eventuate. When you can picture a future that is better, happier and more productive, you are also more likely to make the changes that are necessary for you to reach it.