Try not to be that guy

I was recently on a short cruise holiday and if you don’t know, the staff on these ships often work huge hours away from their families, many have a wealth of experience, languages, degrees and training to get their jobs, of any rank. It was really galling for me to listen to a restaurant passenger speaking over and down to a head waiter one evening. Especially as she asked if he (being Sri Lankan) knew of that true movie about the Marigold Hotel. Then about the slums of India. And how much Australia gives in aid to countries like his.

Seriously lady, he was too nice to you.

Being humane is simple; being polite is expected; and being kind is about caring for others and paying it forward if you can. It is easy, rewarding and would make our grandmothers proud if we could all just try to be at least one of these, if you expect good in the world to prevail. The remaining spectrum of possible love for each other is huge and you could do something life-changing for yourself or another at any time, big or small.

At the very least, just don’t be that small person who presumes your superiority. If that’s all you do today, it’s enough. Truly. And if someone can’t be as “nice” as that to you, I hope you can be my waiter and smile at that moron then give them directions to the Marigold Hotel.

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