The truth about balance

Award entry forms, job interviewers and umpteen health and business bloggers are asking me lately how I achieve life balance. Considering I began writing this after midnight last week, my answer – put politely – is “que”? (In fact, if you Google what “que” means the irony is spot on; someone explained it’s like asking what the word what means.)

I have been silent a while and you probably didn’t notice, but I’ve been travelling, juggling, knitting issues back together and generally wondering about how to find the right balance between work, home, family, community and self.

I’ve always imagined that accomplishing life balance is the “holy grail” and when I’m enlightened and empowered enough I’ll suddenly discover it. Instead I am increasingly thinking it’s a mutable, quicksilver thing. That I am meant to seek it whilst appreciating the swings and roundabouts that being out of balance cause. Being off balance seems to be where the learnings happen. Deciding to be present even when the world is tilting madly is the closest I’m getting to life balance and it’s working for me.

An expert’s tip:
Albert Einstein knew a thing or two about physics and he apparently said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”