The top 5 social media things that matter

Social media is intrinsic now to marketing but some things matter more – Lauren, the digital media guru on our team, shares her tips:

1. Know why you’re there
Not all channels will work for you. Knowing your audience is a marketing fundamental, so choose the platform your audience spends their time on, get involved and do it well. Set and forget strategies aren’t enough here. Answer questions, help complaints, celebrate reviews and foster interaction.

2. Set clear goals
Really successful brands on social media have a plan. Define your goals, aligned with your overall business strategy, choose key messages, engage people and measure your effectiveness.

3. Check out the competition
Keep an eye on your competition because seeing what they are up to, their comments, likes, shares and conversations can help you understand what your customers want (especially if they have a larger network than you) to gain competitive advantage through developing content around the key issues your joint clients have. Think about:

  • Presence: What platforms do they use and perform best on?
  • Audience: How many followers are on each platform? How does their audience compare to yours?
  • Content: Is their content imagery, video, text, links? Do they use different platforms differently, e.g. Twitter for product sales and Facebook for blogs and company news? Which medium is working best?
  • Frequency: How often, do they post at the same time, or different times? Which days/times are most effective? Understanding competitive social tactics can help you hone your own.
  • Engagement: Is their audience active, or are they just high on followers? What content does their audience engage with most?

4. Take advantage of advertising
There are two ways to be found on social media – organic, i.e. posting to your page and engaging in conversation, or advertising to appear in feeds or across social media platforms. These tactics dovetail for many benefits.

All the platforms regularly change their feed algorithms to show only what is of interest to the user, so getting in front of people every day is as tricky as showing up on the first page of a Google search.

eMarketer (, a leading digital research and insights company, reported that up to 25% of internet users will visit the store or the brand website after seeing an advert on social media, and up to 17% then purchase. Set a budget and develop a strategy for 2017.

5. Get your customers off social media
Sounds odd but social media is another marketing means to an end – you want people to take the next step and engage – at your website, newsletter sign up page, e-commerce site, or visit or call you! Have a clear call to action so your engaged social media friend can make contact. Ensure you make good on your social promises to turn leads into clients. Be real so the real world interaction happens!