Top 10 things a marketing communications expert does

This week I’m sharing my list of the Top 10 things that an excellent marketing and communications minded manager does, whether by nature or training.

I’m often asked to review a marketing role or team or sit on a recruitment panel and different industries have their priorities and protocols but this is the stuff I believe is must-do if you want to deliver great communications that achieve your marketing aims. Some are strategic, some are obvious – but little things can really count.

My list:

  1. Have a practical plan, work the plan and measure the outcomes. Review the plan if it stops working, update it and go again.
  2. Write and speak for your audience – tell them what they need to know to respond accordingly, not just what you want to say.
  3. Deliver your message in a way that suits your audience; choose your language, tone, format, timing and the method to fit.
  4. Prepare, know and share your key messages so everyone is using them consistently.
  5. Use YOU-focused language more than I and we, or third person “officialese”.
  6. Practise active listening, ask questions, seek to understand and check the facts.
  7. Spellcheck everything. No brainer.
  8. Use positive words instead of negative phrasing, e.g. instead of “please don’t hesitate to…” say “please feel welcome to…”
  9. Be the information keeper – reliable, prepared and responsible for ensuring good communication. Information is not for power, it is for informing. Gate keeping is a different skill and should be used specifically.
  10. Use the phone and call people if it’s urgent, complicated or bad news.

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