This is how and this is why

Christmas and holidays can be challenging in many ways for anyone, even the most caring families or individuals. I hope you made it through this year with some happy moments and memories, however great or small.

I’ve turned (again) to the incredible experience and words of writer Augusten Burroughs this week because he has so much insight to share, gained the hard way. His life story can be harrowing if you’ve read his #1 New York Times bestseller Running with Scissors, but my favourite is his “self-help” book that’s like no other: This is How: Help for the self in overcoming. It’s packed with short, canny chapters about facing some hard, scary, pointy and epic life moments, e.g. finding love, feeling sorry for yourself, suicide, healing inner pain, regret, celebrating and even the odd behaviour we all adopt when in elevators with other human beings. Here is my favourite part, the end; I want to share it with you to kick-start your day, year or outlook at this moment.

Augusten’s tip: This is Why

The calcium in your bones came from a star. We are all made from recycled bits and pieces of the universe. This matters because origins matter… Our familial genetic origins – medical histories – inform us of medical conditions that exist in our families, and when we know about these specific conditions, we can sometimes take certain actions to prevent them.

Which is why I think it’s important to consider that billions of years before we were students and mothers and dog trainers and priests, we were particles that came together to form into star after star after star until almost forever passed, and instead of a star what formed was life – simplistic, crude, miraculous.

And after another almost infinity, there we were.

This is why for you, anything is possible.

Because you are made of everything.