To thine own self be true

Last week felt like a month. It had big highs and deep lows – awards, birthdays, hospital visits, a family funeral, travel, a sick child, conflict, a media maelstrom, resignations, love and loss. Some events were unpredictable, some I should have seen coming. When the going gets tough, it’s what you do next that matters.

A psychologist friend told me the key to coping is recognising what you need and in what order to “overcome the overwhelm”.

She shared: “The hierarchy of human needs is a constant truth. Theorist Abraham Maslow proposed that to survive and thrive firstly we need food and air, shelter, safety and belonging before we can reinforce our self-esteem and then aim for higher purposes like creative expression and problem solving. So, very simply, in difficult times you must eat, rest and find sanctuary; then reach out to family and friends; then refocus on your inner strengths to be able to make changes and progress on your dreams. At most steps you need others’ support, so reaching out to people is essential eventually.” Wise words.