Start your day strong

I am not a morning person. I stopped doing “networking” breakfasts years ago because I don’t want to get up early to speak to people, even friends. Cold winter mornings are torture for some of us, especially if you were up working late as non-morning people do.

Dreading rising is not the same, however, as dreading the day. If you are waking feeling nervous, nauseous or crabby, before your brain is even ready to consider why, then you need a change. Your gut is the best, caveman’s guide to understanding what drives you – or stalls you.

Did you know that your morning actions and thoughts can colour your entire day? It’s important to set the tone from the start by focusing on the positive things that you’re excited about, not dwelling on negative thoughts. Your own attitude is the strongest tool you have for changing how you feel about the day ahead and achieving momentum to hurdle the morning blah. If all you feel is flat, then you may be in the wrong place, job or bed to begin with.