Six ways to feel happier!

Happiness is an interesting state of mind that can be induced by choice. Defining happiness is difficult because we all have a unique interpretation of what it actually is. What makes me or you happy can differ enormously, but ultimately we all want our share!


Souza’s famous quote is that ‘happiness is a journey, not a destination’. Happy people make for happy workplaces and interactions because it rubs off on others; offices that encourage happy vibes can apparently see huge increases in their team’s heath, success and productivity. Here are some simple things that psychologists say can help you get happy, every day.


Their tips:

  1. Make a happiness list – Write a list of all the activities you love doing and do at least one every day.  Make your moments of happiness a priority.
  2. Increase friendships – Think of 8-10 people that you like to be around and consider how you can improve your relationship with them (remember, positive people are infectious). 
  3. Fake it until you make it –Actively focusing on pretending to feel happy can create the necessary biological changes in your mood, ultimately producing real feelings of happiness.
  4. Smile – Try smiling at others. Generally people will automatically smile back and that can be enough to turn your mood. Author Norman Vincent Peale encouraged ill people to go see a comedy or practise fake laughing until they genuinely laughed at themselves, because it literally is good medicine, capable of boosting the body’s immune system.  Keep your favourite funny movie handy!
  5. Be an optimist – Look for the silver lining no matter how small. On truly terrible days, if you really can’t see the upside, at least remember it too shall pass.
  6. Get a pet you can pat – The positive ions from pet cuddles can reset your stress levels and animals often respond lovingly to distressed owners. No need to talk it out, just hug it out!