The real world becomes fashionable

It’s interesting how some industries see themselves, especially those always looking inward for feedback. In breaking news the fashion world is aghast, having newly realised their runways are out of step with how real people want to buy clothes – real people expect immediacy instead of waiting months for seasonal collections made for implausibly built models at incomprehensible prices. If you’ve ever gone to buy swimmers in February to find winter PJs in stores, you know what I’m saying. Apparently it took (brace yourself) Kanye’s reinterpretation of a catwalk show as a concert at Madison Square Garden to cause this revelation and it has convinced the fashpack to adopt the already conventional retail mode of timing a new release with a sales launch. How 1900s! Catching up to the real world means the whole fashion industry globally is impacted, from fabric suppliers to stores, and they’re agog at their “innovation” of newly meeting, instead of dictating market demand.

Ironically, fashion designed its own demise by applauding normal people’s street style and promoting digital stylists and bloggers outside their influence, e.g. Qld’s own Mandy Shadforth of Oracle Fox, who says Instagram is more influential than labels. Trends are now out of fashion, literally.

My tip:

I’m taking from this turnabout that even the most powerful, wealthy, hierarchical industries can come undone and learn from consumer demand. Fashion has called the tune for centuries until Kanye’s sidestep showed that real people like change that fits their needs. Like, now. Who is your industry listening to?

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