Be ready if you want a happy ending

Real life in business rarely resembles a Hollywood movie. Specifically, we don’t just get noticed or thanked for working hard; bad situations don’t neatly resolve themselves; and benevolent, cashed up board members or customers looking to bankroll your kooky idea are scant.

At the risk of over-generalising, I think the 80/20 rule applies to most aspects of life. If 20 percent of people are management types, 80% are not. I know I’d rather be in the 20%, for 80% of the time. Get my drift? If you add SWOT analysis to your overall approach, the key is to realise that at least 20% of the time you must be on your toes ready for opportunities and threats. If you are, then statistics say you should be sailing up to 80% of the time. Still with me? (This is not a test, just a philosophy.)