Reach out to a child who needs you now

What would you do to change a child’s life and future? Like anyone, I reel at the news of children at risk or facing hurdles and wonder and worry about how to help. I went searching for somewhere to support and found the most incredible place committed to creating a village for teen mums.

Nambour’s award-winning STEMM program supports pregnant teens and young mums in a safe environment whilst they strive to finish high school. Its success is astonishing, despite having no sponsors or funding.

At STEMM about 30 girls have the opportunity to develop life and parenting skills, self-worth, birth plans, and their physical and emotional wellbeing, so they can fulfil their own potential and raise happy, healthy babies.  Education Queensland, TAFE and the local University provide practical learning pathways whilst a small team of teachers, health professionals, volunteers and mentors care for the mothers and babies in classrooms.

These mums are bright, focused and acutely aware of the extra challenges and stigma they face as very young mums, some without family support or even homes. Just one reason I care enormously for them is because they’re determined to succeed, for themselves and their babies – their resolve is worth backing.

What can you do?

STEMM needs donations of little things like nappies and groceries to major equipment, white goods, air conditioning, skills training and a new bus. The awesome folks at FreshBox are donating fruit each week for the children, Sivacom manages their digital work for free and I’m donating toys, mentoring and more. You could give funds, time, helping hands, sponsor their graduation event or choose something from their Wishlist. I guarantee you will start changing a child’s life and make a difference to two generations, immediately.

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