The power of the senses

What’s your favourite ‘80s song or food smell? Oxford researchers (busy fellows) say you can be sold more and more often, with a little sensory stimulation. “Cor blimey” – no kidding.

How sensory factors impact a person’s experience can be very interesting, e.g. the deliberate use of hard chairs in fast food outlets, classical music at the dentist or “new car” smells in showrooms.

What comes to mind when you think of your favourite deli, day spa or book shop? Is it the service, products or how it looks, smells, feels or sounds?

An easy element to trial is background music to create ambience, mask noise and literally set the tone in a store, office, or backing your ad or website. Music vs. silence can differentiate your brand and shape perception as your “voice”. Visit to see and hear what I mean.