How to plan your year ahead on one page

It’s end of financial year; it’s almost spring – it’s a great time to plan! Whatever your industry, your business has inherent, critical marketing timelines based on customer behaviour. Do you have them mapped?

Throughout the year most people behave in certain ways at calendar milestones, e.g. spending, saving, stressing, holidaying, gearing up or down. Are you matching your activities to what people care about?

Some critical dates that may impact you:

  • January – public holidays, end of summer holidays, new beginnings & cost cutting
  • Easter – food, shopping, gifts, holidays and family time
  • June – end of the financial year, tax awareness, charitable giving, spending on business equipment and needs, winter and short daylight hours
  • Spring – warmer weather so people get outdoors, new beginnings, Bunnings time!
  • Christmas / New Year – family time, celebrations, depression also spikes for some
  • New Year to Australia Day – businesses go quiet, holidays, people slow their spending – are you holidaying too? Or planning ahead?

Your business calendar may have more dates that matter; map them on a wall planner or one page to see them all at a glance and prompt forward thinking.

This is simple calendar year marketing by milestones. Master it, then focus marketing between the milestones based on knowing what your customers are doing and when they want to hear from you. A final word – save your budget mid-December to Australia Day unless you’re selling food, Christmas, blockbusters, credit card bailouts or sunscreen; nobody’s listening.