Marketing Workshops

Recommended Marketing and Business Workshops

Some examples of our most popular, customised workshops:

- Strategic Planning Workshop

Reviewing your current position and charting a course for your growth. Your strategic plan is the backbone of your company, providing the vision and detailing goals, resources, measures and specific outcomes you require.

- Business Planning Workshop

We can create or review your existing business plan and develop it to fit your strategic direction. This plan details financial and operational elements and is vital for seeking finance or the resources needed to grow.

- Marketing Planning Workshop

A marketing plan should detail how you’re going to deliver your vision, goals and targets. It includes key messages, brand positioning, tools and tactics to meet your customers needs.

- Community Engagement Workshop

A genuine, well-planned community engagement strategy can influence community perception and result in streamlined project delivery, reduced risk, community ownership of issues, regional benefits and political support. We can help you to research and analyse your position and profile within the community and develop a strategy for your company to achieve your aims for improved, mutually beneficial relationships with all of your stakeholders.

Customised Marketing Workshops & Seminars, Australia – wide

Campaign Group offers a range of interactive marketing workshops and business seminars customised to address the specific challenges and objectives within your company. We answer your tough questions and map the way forward by identifying clear strategic direction for your company or team and the actions and timing needed to achieve your strategic goals.

Our marketing seminars are ideal for management teams, boards and company owners that require strategic direction or a renewed vision for the business and its competitive edge.

At Campaign Group we’re passionate about tactical planning and how you can choose the right targets for growth. With the right plan, your decision-making should be made easy. Does your idea fit with the plan? Do it. Is it missing from the plan but necessary, able to be evaluated and in keeping with your plan’s goals? Adjust the plan!

Most importantly, our workshops are designed to be practical and results focused. You will walk away with a blueprint that you can implement immediately that details your strategic focus, key messages, actions, resources and timing.

Interested? Please contact us to outline your needs and challenges and we can design a workshop that works for you.



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