Issue Management

Strategic Issues Management

Marketing can be at its most challenging as part of an issues management plan, or when responding to public or community concern.   It can be vital to communicate clearly and effectively with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure smooth change management, transitions, or to minimise controversy.  Campaign Group has extensive experience in communicating sensitively and strategically around issues management matters.  We can assist you to share the right information with audiences at all levels, in good times and bad, as part of our wider marketing solutions.

We’re there when you need us

We like to think of ourselves as a part of your marketing team, whether you’ve chosen Campaign Group for a one-off project or for longer term, professional communication management.  When it comes to crisis and issue management, we can provide you with realistic and timely advice, communication strategies for liaising with media, co-ordinating  information sharing and safeguarding the integrity of your  brand’s credibility.  You can rely on us for confidentiality and a marketing plan that stays on message while responding promptly and effectively to tough issues.