Communication & PR

Strategic Communication and PR Australia wide

Campaign Group provides expert services in corporate communication and PR Australia wide.  Strategic communication as part of your marketing plan means you speak directly to your target audience, in a way that makes them receptive to your key messages.  Whether you want to make a big impression on a wide audience, or communicate an internal business matter clearly and effectively,  we can help you find the right words and the right way to convey them.

Public relations strategies

Like all aspects of our marketing solutions, a public relations strategy starts by defining your business goals and connecting those with your audience to deliver your messages and your objectives.   We offer customised, integrated support for your business to engage people with the right message at the right time.  Business communication covers a broad spectrum of public relations opportunities, from community information campaigns to issues management.  Campaign Group has the experience to maximise opportunities to strategically connect with your target community.

Corporate and internal business communication

Your brand is reflected in everything your business does, from your logo to the attitude of staff to the bottom line in your annual report. What you decide to say and how you decide to say it is crucial to your marketing and business success, so let Campaign Group’s professional copywriters and editors mould your brand into words through printed and web applications, advertisements, newsletters and brochures, manuals, internal communication with your team, and annual reports for your stakeholders. We can work with you and involve your team to take ownership of how you present your business and build your reputation effectively.