We believe that marketing is the business essential for achieving success

Strategy & Planning

Our slogan says it and we’ll say it again – strategy is at the core of what we do, and it should also be at the core of what you do. If you don’t know where to start, Campaign Group can help.

Objectives, strategy, tactics and planning are words we use a lot. Your marketing communication plan can be customised to your needs and is the fundamental guide to what to do and when. It’s also how you measure outcomes against the objectives so you know what really worked. Without strategy and planning, you’re really spending money without purpose. If you have a plan, we’ll support you; if you don’t, we’ll help you create a plan that works.


Think of us as your extended, full-time marketing staff with specialist skills and networks, on call. If you already have an in-house team but feel you need an outside edge, we offer a range of customised workshops and seminars from marketing, planning and media management basics to advanced training; for individuals, small or large groups. We can help you feel comfortable in front of a TV crew or directing your business growth from behind the scenes.

Brand & Positioning

A great business brand is like seeing a familiar face – you see it, you recognise it and you associate good experiences with it. Your branding and positioning can do the same for your business; get it right and your clients will feel they know you for all the right reasons. Great brands don’t need big budgets, just clear links to your vision and strong communication with the people you care about.

Campaign Group can help you create, promote and offer strategic advice on your brand to ensure it is sending the right message to your target market.