Marketing Services

Making Connections With the Right Marketing Solutions

Finding the right marketing solutions for your business is essential for achieving success.  At Campaign Group, we’re all about aligning your marketing communication plan with measurable outcomes so that you can recognise success when you see it.

As our slogan says, strategy is at the core of all our business services. Whether we’re working with you on community engagement, providing you with media training or implementing corporate communications as you roll out a major project, we will always:

   Have a tailored and specific marketing plan with measurable outcomes.

   Create a marketing strategy that maximizes the bang for your budget dollar.

   Encourage straightforward communication and realistic quotes with no hidden surprises.

   Be there when you need us. Think of us as your marketing team, growing in partnership with you.

   Let you know if any aspect of your marketing strategy is beyond our expertise.  We only accept clients we know we can assist.  If we can’t achieve the best possible marketing solutions for you, we’ll recommend  someone from  our wide network of industry contacts if we can.

We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, not just another ”me too” marketing company.   We’ll get to know you and your unique business goals, then match our comprehensive range of marketing solutions and communications services with your needs. 

Our Core Services

Community Engagement Media Communications & PR Issue Management Strategic Marketing