Giving interns a glimpse into their future

Welcome to 2017! I hope you’re excited for the great year ahead! During January we’ve seen the world through new eyes thanks to our intern Saskia, who is studying business at QUT. I’ve worked and taught at several universities so believe the mutual benefits of offering students industry experience are immense – we’ve often learned and changed our thinking too.

Here’s Saskia’s view of how interns can matter to your team, for a term.

“Graduates seek jobs year round and competition is intense, so internship experience can demonstrate skills, problem solving and initiative. Most study is theory based and translating academic knowledge into industry knowledge requires practical application and teamwork – you can get a deeper understanding of your future career by observing and working alongside others.

Internships provide insights into how businesses run, what matters, deciding priorities and how to network and make contacts for the future. Education, nursing and medicine require industry placement but it’s just as vital for arts, business, law and engineering students to see how training informs decision making and deadlines in the real world. A good resume that shows you were willing to go out and get mileage can matter to employers as well as a good grade point average.

Interns can be go getters, testers, sounding boards, spare hands, what-iffers and fresh thinkers outside the usual rules and group think. We’re good practise for genuine mentors and grateful for the opportunity to be there.”

My tip

She’s summed it up beautifully for a future communications management professional – are you sold? You can contact your local university or Tafe to offer internships timed to suit your business and begin sharing and learning on the job yourself. The course leaders will match you to the right students or prompt the right students to seek you out. Your next wunderkind may be a call away.

Please feel welcome to talk to me through the comments, I love your feedback.

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