Back to basics for better teamwork

I was delighted to help a major brand restructure its communications team of twelve hard-working, clever people. I learned a lot about the company, its systems and tools for processes, meetings, records, tracking projects and evaluating every ticking thing. Yet..

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The truth about balance

Award entry forms, job interviewers and umpteen health and business bloggers are asking me lately how I achieve life balance. Considering I began writing this after midnight last week, my answer – put politely – is “que”? (In fact, if..

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Create a little meaning

What do you most want from your job or business? Money? Opportunities? Security? Flexibility? If you’re like most people who are asked this question, chances are the number one thing you want from your work is meaning. Most people care..

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Just take a moment

I’ve had reason to think about integrity and authenticity and how we convey our true selves in any moment. Who do you want to appear to be versus who do you want to be, especially when making decisions? I’ve had..

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Talking about stalking

It’s no secret that I’m low tech. I reluctantly post, forget to login, my mobile is mostly just a phone, I dislike Twitter and I do not have any desire for Instagram (so you can stop inviting me). I only..

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