How to say no when you’ve already said yes

We’ve all overcommitted at times and most people find it hard to admit. Usually people tell a little white lie to back out of something – unwell? Car trouble? Computer malfunction? I’ve done it and heard worse, although I have a karmic, bad juju fear that what I say will actually happen!

Often we don’t mean this to happen, the plate is just too full or too daunting. You meant it when you said you’d make that speech, deliver that extra project or jump that hurdle when you realistically can’t. These days I try to keep my priorities clear – family over work; say no upfront if I’m unsure I’ll deliver.

Biting the bullet and admitting you’re overworked or overwhelmed isn’t easy but we’re all human. So how do you back out of a commitment you’ve already made, gracefully? You tell the truth.