Holy guacamole, how’s your service?

Call me old fashioned – I like good grammar, manners, pillows, books and food. I don’t like these things to be clever or tricky to use. I don’t “get” hipster cafes where you sit on milk crates, drink $6 coffees in hot glass without handles and make your own toast. I like good service and I’m happy to pay for it, even praise it in feedback forms. Yes, I also fill out feedback. My friend says I’ve been 55 since I was 25. I think she means I’m classy 😉

Mindfood Editor Marian Digges inspired my rant this week with her article about how she dined out at a fancy Mexican restaurant that served their guacamole in mason jars, too small for the corn chips to fit in. To eat it, people had to dip fingers (!) or break up the splintery chips and leave most of the overpriced dip behind. This may not sound that annoying to you but I get her point.

The people who made that decision clearly were going for form, not function. Why shake things up that work better without the twist? Why make something that’s fun, less fun? Your customer experience is sacred, you must think from their chair. Go ahead and be quirky but ensure it works.