Helping kids facing cancer in their family

A woman I’ve long admired is facing terminal cancer; she’s fought it for years, especially to have more time with her young son. I can’t imagine the layers of pain in her journey but admire her strength and fearlessness in sharing her story. Now she’s gone one better.

The irrepressible Donna Penny couldn’t find a children’s book to help explain to her son what was happening to her in a clear, non-frightening way. So she wrote one herself. Then she sought crowdfunding to publish it and within months had the money to publish it independently. As if we needed more proof of her huge heart, she is also publishing extra copies to donate to libraries, schools and hospitals for many kids to access easily. Donna is also proof that anyone can become entrepreneurial and motivated to do what matters, whether it is accomplishing a personal passion or inspiring others, any time they choose and despite the odds.

Now Donna’s got even bigger plans to keep writing more books as a series to help kids understand and process the fear of losing a loved one. Extraordinary effort and incredible role modelling.

You can help Donna by buying a book for your family or a friend, or to donate. 10% of all profits go to the Mummy’s Wish foundation which supports families with mums undergoing cancer treatment. Visit today to get yours.

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