Help Africa change the world from your desk


I have seen a dramatic change in South Africa since 2008, especially the increased access to digital technology in remote areas, igniting opportunities for lifelong learning for toddlers to grandparent aged students. The Good Work Foundation is a family founded charitable organisation making a massive difference, based at the Varty family’s Londolozi private game reserve, bordering Kruger National Park.

Its aim is to boost rural African education by encouraging digitally literate individuals, providing skills and support for sustainably empowering themselves, their families and communities. GWF funds digital centres of learning excellence where anybody can go to learn and plug in to world class learning and technology, at their own pace. It has enabled a vast range of skill and career training, especially by video so language is no barrier. It takes just $25 to fund one child’s learning for a whole year – imagine that.

My tip
Access in Australia to learning is limited in rural areas too and Africa is reaching out to truly create a global classroom, linking up local communities even here. GWF is always seeking donors, partners and ideas to change the world. You can volunteer any of these at And if you think you are too old to change the world, the woman leading this incredible project is a Grandma. As always, the best time to do it is now.