Follow your inner compass

I was raised in an academically clever family who believe in science, tangible proof, demonstrable findings and that determining the most direct line from A to B is always the best option. Gut instinct, alternative realities or medicine, the butterfly effect and Einstein’s theory of quantum entanglement are practically voodoo to my tribe.

From a young age I could, however, “divine” or guess facts I couldn’t possibly know and I once bamboozled my academic father (and upset the pit supervisor) at a casino by correctly predicting a two-up toss, 20+ times in a row. The chances of such chance are slim and I don’t know how it worked; I simply “felt” it. Now my best-known trick is to speak of someone, just before the phone rings. It’ll never win me lotto, but it suggests I’m capable and aware of more than I realise. My other formidable skill is remembering decades of obscure song lyrics – also totally useless so far.

Many theorists say our consciousness or sentience is more powerful than we acknowledge and our instinctive knowing is significantly greater than we harness.

My tip:

I know I promote her often (because she rocks) but my favourite sociologist and author Martha Beck wrote a book about recognising your inner compass and feeling your way to your true North. Read more on Martha Beck’s website

Martha says your inner body compass will respond, like it or not, when you are veering off track and the truest example I have is when my gut either churns with aversion or joy at the very sound of a voice, ringing phone or email ping. Who, seriously, are you going to listen to, if not your own instincts?

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