It is easy being green


If you’re my vintage you may remember Kermit the frog’s hit song. Being green has got easier and much more popular these days.

Research by the International Travel Foundation and Forum for the Future has found consumers now expect sustainability to be a business’ priority, whatever its product or service, with 70% believing companies should be committed to preserving the natural environment and 66% wanting to see green policies upfront. I read that Hotel Verde in Cape Town is billed as Africa’s greenest stay, going well beyond asking guests to conserve water. It offers its 145 guests a self-cleaning eco-pool, outdoor gym and an incentive program that proves money talks. Guests who don’t use air conditioning, reuse towels and minimise waste earn “verdinos”, green cash for use in the hotel. Check it out at

My tip:
Could your business empower staff or customers to switch off lights, hand wash the dishes, skip packaging, forgo the ac, recycle and reuse? There’s more than just kudos at stake.

Clever 30 something science graduate Rhian Berning founded the online Eco Atlas,(see a directory of eco conscious businesses that prioritise buying local and sustainability. I hope it goes global!