My dog taught me something

Good friends lost their family dog in a tragic accident recently, causing their small boys much grief. Russell’s heartfelt words and his optimism about loss were inspiring, however, and I was impressed by how his attitude showed his sons how to face a challenge.

He said: “that is what pets are for; to teach us about life, death and the importance of having fun with those around you whilst they are in your lives…our kids got a pretty big dose of reality so hopefully the upside is that they become stronger and more resilient because of it. One thing for sure, they gave Gypsy a great life whilst she was here and we’re all proud of that.”

My dog has a big personality for a small hound (naming him Elvis may have helped). If you know him, you know Elvis is consistently persistent. He will sit and beg for as long as it takes, stare you down for a cuddle and he greets everyone the same, full on and as if he’s making friends for life. He runs figure eights because people laugh; joy is his purpose. He has taught me how to meet strangers, stop to sniff the rainy air and marvel at passing insects or bubbles. Dogs don’t care about deadlines or perception but focus on living life today, right now.

Russ’ words made me think how life’s lessons appear in different ways – it’s what you choose to learn that counts.