How cool the internet can be (if you can get past candy crush for a bit)

wikipedia-logoScientists have recently said Wikipedia can assist in predicting outbreaks of diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza nearly a month before official health advice! The Los Alamos National Laboratory team says tracking page views has helped them to spot emerging outbreaks through people searching for disease-related information before seeking care from their GP.

From 2010-2013 researchers tracked disease-related page views and were able to map the languages the information was viewed in to decipher the location. The data collected was compared to the information provided by national health surveillance teams. In eight out of 14 cases there was an increase in page views four weeks before health officials declared an outbreak.

This technique has allowed researches to predict outbreaks of different diseases in the US, Brazil and Thailand. Cool huh?

My Tip: The internet is an extremely useful tool for any business. Some simple tools can help you optimise it and stay one step ahead of your competitors. You can track what your target market is looking for, identify the gap and deliver.