Choose your tribes

Choose your tribesSometimes people choose not to be a leader, for myriad reasons.Sometimes it is simpler to be led by others, even a group. Author Seth Godin calls it “sheepwalking” but it isn’t always wrong; your unique circumstances matter ultimately.

He explains that a student can passively get by in class, or take initiative and question the teacher, but we all know neither mode is ideal 100% of the time. Similarly, a marketer can offer a product and wait for response or proactively engage with potential customers and then do a little extra to surprise and delight someone, boosting the likelihood of their return. Godin explains the key is recognising like-minds, shared values and your fellow “tribe members” who want to connect and join in your activity, focus and passion. It’s the very basis of any network marketing theory and applies just as well to politics, industry issues and shorter term projects, like my neighbour’s carpool or my friend’s team building an arts centre.

My tip:
Read Seth Godin’s short book Tribes and consider how you create, join or temporarily form tribes every day to achieve aims. (His summary of the CrossFit tribe is gold.) His key point is to identify leaders in your tribes – they’re not always in management and may only lead for an hour or a day to hit your goals. Tribes dissolve without them. Once you see the world this way it’s hard to go back; but then, going back is not the objective :)